Your 100% Remote Video Production Team

Building the bridge between you & your customers through remote video testimonials.
We’re Remote Video Testimonials: The first remote video marketing agency dedicated to capturing your customers’ authentic stories from anywhere in the world. As passionate storytellers and experienced producers, we’re here to help you capture stories that inspire a community of loyal customers without the hassle of an in-person crew.

We Find Your Story & Help Your Customers Share it

We create professional, interview-based video testimonials showcasing your clients’ positive experiences and results. Our process is fully remote, making it easier than ever for you to gain your customers’ trust and get professional video without leaving the house.

Because We Believe Building Trust Doesn’t Have to Be an
Uphill Battle

We always say: Your happiest customers are your best salespeople. Their stories break down the barriers of business distrust and quickly convert leads into clients. We’re here to make sharing these stories easy and effective by taking care of the entire process for you.
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Turning Barriers into Bridges of Opportunity

Our Founder David Vogel knows that it’s like to meet a challenge and reframe it as an opportunity for innovation. In 2016, faced with the need to interview a client remotely, he developed a process using FaceTime and screen capture software. This quickly evolved into Remote Video Testimonials: The very first company to establish the remote video production industry.

Our Stories Start with Yours

With 20+ years in video production, 100s of clients served, and 1,000s of videos produced, we’ve perfected our process. Our remote video technology covers all bases to ensure the highest quality, making it feel like we’re there in person. Our proprietary process is exactly why:

Creating Faster, Easier, & Stronger Connections
Between You & Your Customers

Our Vision

We believe stories hold the power to shatter the divide between businesses and customers. Our vision is to help you earn genuine credibility in your customers’ eyes to speed up their sales journey through authentic stories.

Our Mission

We’re here to make it easy for you to get
powerful video testimonials.
We handle everything, from strategy
to final delivery, for a seamless
and stress-free experience.

Our Promise
  • High Standards: We only deliver high-quality videos and exceptional service that give us our leading reputation in the industry.
  • Top Value & Savings: We exceed your expectations to help you get the most from your investment — all while cutting the costs of on-site video production by more than half
  • Hands-Free Transparency: Our process is hands-free while still keeping you informed and involved throughout the process.
  • Taken Care of For You: We provide a turnkey solution, taking care of everything for you, from scheduling and interviewing to directing and editing.

Why Choose Remote Video Testimonials?

⦁ Capture genuine video testimonials from anywhere.
⦁ Save time and money with our efficient, remote process.
⦁ Quickly build trust and convert more leads into clients.
⦁ Enjoy a smooth, stress-free experience with our professional guidance.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Let’s transform your customer stories into powerful marketing tools. Schedule a complimentary strategy call with one of our video strategists and start building trust with your clients today.