Remote Video Questions

A Remote Video Testimonial, is Video SEO Pro’s own proprietary solution that allows us to interview your customers anywhere in the USA in just 15 minutes and produce a high-quality edited 90-second customer video testimonial for just a few hundred dollars.

Any business that has customers and is interested in a faster, more effective way to acquire new customers would benefit from customer video testimonials. When a prospect can see and hear the results another customer had, it builds instant trust and confidence in the outcome they can expect.

You can pay us with a check, credit cards or ACH transfers.

We can schedule an interview with your customer within 72 hours of you placing your order. And you will receive the edited video within 7 business days.

Accordion Content

We will edit 8-10 minutes of interview footage into a 90-second edited video testimonial. You will have the opportunity to review and request one round of revisions to your video.

Yes. If you request the interview footage, we can send it to you via DropBox.

If you have existing photographs or video footage, we will include it in your edit for no additional cost.

Because people have a short attention span, we try to keep a customer video testimonial to between 60 and 90 seconds. This means we are only using about 20% of the footage. If you are interested in using more of the footage, we recommend our Testimonial Framework where we use 75% to 90% of the interview footage by creating a series of 6-8 separate videos from the interview.


Yes, absolutely. If someone is interested in a video that tells a little bit about themselves to help prospective clients get to know them, then a profile video or video resume is a great option for them.

Remote Video Production and Remote Video Testimonials are one of the many services offered by Video SEO Pro. If you are interested in other video content or video marketing services please visit the Video SEO Pro website at