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We are all influenced by the opinions of others. That is why most businesses are based on referrals. But, there is a problem. How do you scale your business if is based on referrals? You have no control over the quantity or the frequency. You are 100% reliant on your clients to recommend you.  

It’s no secret that the social proof generated through testimonials helps your brand promote credibility. What if you could get referrals when you want?

 77% of people read reviews before making an online purchase  

If you are just using text testimonials, you are failing to use one of your best marketing tools—satisfied client—to their full potential. Video testimonials are far more engaging and persuasive. 

But when asking your clients to do their own video testimonials however:

  • Clients might agree, but never get around to doing it
  • The camera is constantly moving
  • The lighting is usually not ideal
  • The sound is horrible 
  • They are not effective in communicating the value you deliver
  • And if you consider the alternative and hire a professional, it is expensive and a logistical nightmare  

There is a better way that is powerful, effective and now easy.

Remote Video Testimonials is turnkey service that leverages smartphones, mobile app technology and remote access to video professionals to create professional video testimonials. Your client doesn't have to go anywhere or prepare anything. Just 15 minutes from their office or home and it is done. Fast, easy and the best part, affordable.

Our clients are achieving AMAZING RESULTS!

Denise DePaola, CEO, Mainstream Fund Services

“I closed three deals in one week worth over $200,000. Remote Video Testimonial was one of the best investments I ever made.”

Click here to hear her testimonial

Chaim Borevitz, Abrams Valuation 

“I shared a client video testimonial in an email with a hesitant prospect and 2 days later closed a $13K deal.”  

Click here to hear his testimonial

Remote Video Testimonial Examples

How Does It Work?

  • Select A Client: You identify a happy client anywhere in USA
  • They Schedule: Using our online calendar to select a date and time that works for them  
  • ​Use Smartphone: Download our FREE app to turn their phone into a video camera
  • Picture Perfect: Get still image and great audio with a tripod & mic we supply for FREE
  • Choose Location: Can be done from your client's home or office
  • Nothing to Prepare: Just have a 15 minute conversation where they answer some questions
  • Professional Edit: We turn interview into a 90-second video
  • Share: You now have a video you can share with potential clients on your website and email

No one sells YOU better than YOUR CUSTOMERS! Learn why video testimonial closes more business and do it faster. Download our FREE Whitepaper, "Why Do Businesses Need Video Testimonials". Find out everything you need to know on why video testimonials are so important for businesses today.  

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