Customer Video Testimonials

Most businesses get their leads through referrals. When a past customer shares how great you are with a friend, colleague or neighbor, it builds immediate trust and credibility. This makes these opportunities very easy to close. But how do you scale your business if you are always waiting on referrals?

No one sells YOU better than YOUR CUSTOMERS!

And what happens when someone finds your business when searching online or through your digital marketing? Getting leads to your website is important but if you can’t convert them, it doesn’t matter.

We know that people buy from those they know, like and trust. With 70% of the buying decision happening online how do you build that trust?

As much as written customer reviews are good. Many are being faked today and as a result people are trusting them less.

Until now, there were 2 ways of creating video testimonials 

  • Clients might agree, but never get around to it
  • The image and sound quality is unpredictable
  • The content might not be what you need
  • Can’t go back and ask them to do it again
  • Need to have someone to edit the footage
  • FREE
  • It’s a huge time commitment for your client
  • High production quality
  • Know you will get the best video content
  • Certainty that it will be done correctly
  • For large organizations this is not scalable

As much as most businesses want the quality and certainty that comes with a professional customer video testimonial, they like the cost savings of the DIY video testimonial. If there was only a way that could deliver the quality of a pro at a fraction of the price?

There is a better way that is powerful, effective and now easy.

Remote Video Testimonials is a turnkey service our company, Social Proof, has developed that leverages smartphones, mobile app technology and remote access to video professionals to create high-quality customer video testimonials. Your client doesn’t have to go anywhere or prepare anything. Just 15 minutes from their office or home and it is done. Fast, easy and the best part, affordable.

Customer Video Testimonial Examples

Customer Video Testimonial

Customer Video Testimonial

Customer Video Testimonial

Our clients are achieving AMAZING RESULTS!

Customer Video Testimonial Client

Chaim Borevitz

Abrams Valuation

“I shared a customer video testimonial in an email with a hesitant prospect and 2 days later closed a $13K deal.”