How Remote Video Testimonials Work?

Our remote video production service is a fast, easy, and affordable way to get high-quality video testimonials and profile videos from your clients, patients, staff, and customers from anywhere in the world without an in-person video crew.

Interview-based and professionally edited, we create videos that build trust and get people to buy. Our process includes:

  • Online platform to make it easy to schedule interview
  • Professional Interviewer to get the best content
  • Professional Editor to edit the best story
  • Provide Equipment for the best audio and image quality

Here is how it works...


Choose a customer

First, you must identify and ask a customer to give you a customer video testimonial. You want to be strategic when making this decision. Not only do you want to select a customer who had a positive experience working with you, but customers who are representatives of your ideal clients.


We help schedule your remote shoot

Once you identify a happy customer, we will help you get them to schedule their remote video shoot on a date and at a time that works best for them.


Fast Cloud-Based Service

Because remote video testimonials is done remotely, we can interview anyone, anywhere in the US and in the world in as little as 30 minutes.


Best Equipment

Our mobile app, tripod and microphone ensure the highest quality picture and audio for your customer testimonial video. They don’t have to concern themselves with shipping the equipment back. The equipment is theirs to keep.


Professional From Start to Finish

To ensure the you get the best possible content comes down to two things. First by using professionals to conduct the interview, we know how to make your clients comfortable in front of the camera and what are the right questions to ask. Once we have the video footage, it is our professional editors who know how to take your client’s answers and tell a story that is concise and engaging.


Sharing is Key

You now have a powerful video you can can use to get more business and close it faster than ever before. We advise our clients on where and how to share their customer testimonial videos online including your website, social media, and digital marketing.