Client Video Testimonial Examples

A client video testimonial is one of the best tools to help you close more sales. As much as written reviews are important. Video testimonials are much more effective in building trust. In today’s world of “fake news”, you know that potential customers are going to want to see proof that what you say about your services is true.

A great testimonial video starts with a great story.

A testimonial video is a way for a client to share their story — what they were looking for when they came to you, why they chose your services and how those services helped them achieve their goals. Here are several examples of our customer video testimonials. 

The best client testimonials are interview based.

You want to get your interviewees talking about how they were able to achieve their goals through working with you. You want them to talk about the results they achieved and how those results impacted their business or personal life. If you do it right, you can turn a client video testimonial into an excellent marketing tool that helps drive new business and sales.

A video editor will find the best content and weave it into a compelling story.

Video testimonials work because they’re authentic, engaging and personal. They allow customers to share their experiences with your company and products in their own words — which is more effective than any other form of advertising.

The following video testimonial examples will help you get started on creating your own video testimonial campaign:

For additional examples of our remote video testimonials visit our YouTube channel.