Client Video Testimonial Examples

A client video testimonial is one of the best tools to help you close more sales. In today’s world of “fake news”, you know that potential customers are going to want to see proof that what you say about your services is true.

A great testimonial video starts with a great story.

A great testimonial video is an authentic look into your client’s experience with working with you. It’s a way for them to share their story — what they were looking for when they came to you, why they chose your services and how those services helped them achieve their goals.

It’s also a way for them to share how much they love working with you and how much value they got from working with you. A good testimonial video helps build trust by showing prospective customers that others have had positive experiences working with you too — it proves that your clients aren’t alone in enjoying their relationship with you, which builds credibility for both parties involved.

The best client testimonials are interview based.

You want to get your interviewees talking about how they were able to achieve their goals through working with you. You want them to talk about the results they achieved and how those results impacted their business or personal life.

If you do it right, you can turn a client video testimonial into an excellent marketing tool that helps drive new business and sales.

A video editor will find the best content and weave it into a compelling story.

Video testimonials work because they’re authentic, engaging and personal. They allow customers to share their experiences with your company and products in their own words — which is more effective than any other form of advertising.

The following video testimonial examples will help you get started on creating your own video testimonial campaign:

Examples of Client Video Testimonials

Your past customers are the best at selling your products and services to prospective clients. As much as written reviews are great. Video testimonials are much more effective in building trust. Here are several examples of our customer video testimonials. 

TowerHouse Studios

Contact Pro Group

Entrepreneur Ready

Examples of Doctor Profile Videos

The more trust a prospective patient has about you as a doctor, the more likely they will be to schedule an appointment with you. Having a doctor profile video on your practice website gives a prospective patient an opportunity to learn more about you as a doctor and as a person so they can determine if you would be the right doctor for them. 

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Cancer & Blood Specialists

Cancer & Blood Specialists

Dr. Lynn O’Connor, Colon Surgeon

Examples of Patient Video Testimonials

If you are in healthcare, especially the hospital setting, it can be difficult to have a patient come into your practice to create your own video testimonials. With Remote Video Testimonials, you can get patient video testimonials remotely from their home or office. Remote Video Testimonials makes it convenient for your patients to share their experience on video.

Okun Orthodontics

Okun Orthodontics

The Center TX

Examples of Franchise Video Testimonials

Franchisors are always looking for ways to help their franchisees increase sales. Here are examples of video testimonials we did for several franchises that help show the value of their services.

The Alternative Board

CertaPro Painters


FAQ Video Examples

Glassman Ophthalmology

Messino Cancer Centers

Florida Cancer Specialists

Remote Video Productions

As much as client video testimonials is a big part of what we do, remote video production allows us to offer a variety of other types of videos.


There are a variety of applications for remote video production including client video testimonials, patient video testimonials, client video testimonials, doctor profile videos, video messages, corporate communications, FAQ videos, and video advertising.

During the pandemic, a dermatology practice wanted to inform patients about their tele-health services. Leveraging remote video production, we were able to direct, shoot, and edit the video remotely using the client’s Apple iPhone 11. This is a great example of how you can combine scripted video content with “B-roll” supplemental footage to create a compelling video without the costs and time associated with in-person video production.

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Walk In Dermatology

For additional examples of our remote video testimonials visit our YouTube channel.