Reviews: Do Video Testimonials Really Work?

Customer video testimonials are nice but generating sales is nicer. Not only did our clients have massive results but they worked the very first time!

Chaim Borevitz was losing thousands of dollars in new business because some prospects thought he was too expensive. The next time this happened, he emailed a video testimonial and 48 hours later the prospect changed his mind and pay his $13,000 fee. The prospect realized $13,000 was a great deal and was more than happy to pay him.

That one sale is over a 2,000% return on investment the very first time he used his customer video testimonial. What else can give you that kind of return?

“I shared a video testimonial with a hesitant prospect and 2 days later closed a $13K deal.”

Chaim Borevitz, Abrams Valuation

Getting a multi-million dollar hedge fund to change accounting providers is no trivial matter. Denise knew if she could demonstrate the value her firm delivered to her clients she would have an easier time closing new business. The first week she had her testimonial videos she shared them with 3 clients and closed them all, resulting in $200,000 in recurring annual income. That is an 11,000% ROI in the 1st week of using them.

“I closed 3 deals in 1 week worth over $200,000. Remote Video Testimonials was one of the best investments I ever made.”

Denise DePaola, CEO, Mainstream