How To Get Customers To Agree To A Video Testimonial
David Vogel

David Vogel

David Vogel is a video marketing strategist who helps businesses leverage the power of video to help them grow their businesses. His 100% remote video production solution allows businesses to create professional video content without the complexity or expense of an in-person video crew.

Get Customers To Agree To A Video Testimonial

Video testimonials from happy customers might be the most effective way to attract new customers, build trust, and grow your business, but how do you persuade your customers to agree to a video testimonial? It can be hard enough to get a customer happy with their experience to give you a Google review. In this week’s blog, I’ll share some helpful tips you can use to get your customers, even the shy ones, to agree and give you a video testimonial.

6 Tips To Get Customer To Agree To A Video Testimonial

  1. Ask customers at the right time
  2. Ask customers in the right way
  3. Ask customers for the right reasons
  4. Make creating a video testimonial fast and easy
  5. Make video testimonials part of your terms
  6. Offer your customers incentives

Asking a customer to do a video testimonial sounds complicated, but it isn’t impossible. It is important to remember that you have already earned your customer’s trust. They have already communicated that they love your service, and they are more than willing to help you succeed. You just have to ask the right way.

1. Ask customers at the right time

Do you have customers who love talking about your company who constantly refer your business? The best customers to ask are your happy customers who have taken the time to send you a thank you note, have left an online review, have provided a referral, or have shared their experience with you. The moment when a customer compliments you is the time when you should ask if they would agree to a video testimonial where they share their experience.

Customer Thank You Note

2. Ask customers in the right way

Perhaps the most crucial factor when asking for a video testimonial is how you ask. As much as it is so easy to send an email or text message, remember your customer is doing you a favor. Take the time to ask them in person or give them a phone call. Let them know how much you appreciate them as customers and want others to know what it was like working with you.

Ask Customer on Telephone for Video Testimonial

3. Ask customers for the right reasons

We’ve all been there. You need a service, but you don’t know who to hire. Many of us turn to the internet for answers. We search for reviews and ask for recommendations from friends or people we trust. But what if you don’t have connections or don’t want to rely on just one person? If you need a service you’ve never hired before, who do you choose? How do you decide which businesses to trust? Which company is the best at what they do? In many cases, that person was your customer.

To get your customer to agree to a video testimonial, you’re going to have to convince them it’s worth their time. If you pitch them an idea that makes them feel important and valued, then they’ll probably say yes! Just think how helpful it would have been for them to have watched customer video testimonials when they were thinking of hiring you? One of the most compelling ways to learn about a business is video testimonials. They allow prospective customers to see who your customers are and how your products or services have helped them. This type of content builds trust and helps to create a more personal connection with them.

They’ll be more likely to agree to a video testimonial if they feel like they are part of something bigger. First, you need to help your customer understand why telling their story is essential. By agreeing to do a video testimonial, they do much more than help you. They are helping countless individuals who, like them, are struggling with a problem and need to find a company that will help them. They are also helping you generate more sales which will fund your business, allowing you to add more staff, more services, better customer service, all of which they will benefit from in the future.

4. Make creating a video testimonial fast and easy

One of the most common objections is that the customer doesn’t have time to make a video testimonial. You need to make it as easy as possible for them to agree to a video testimonial. The less work they have to do, the more likely they will say yes. As much as you might think it is harder for a customer to do a video testimonial, it is easier for them and you.

Fast Customer Video Testimonials

When people think of a video testimonial, they think of two things. First, they think you are asking them to take out their phone and shoot their video testimonial, or they picture a huge video crew with lights and cameras coming to their home or business. And honestly, both of those sound frightening. And that doesn’t even consider that most people don’t like being on video.

We all have this preconceived notion that shooting a video testimonial will be time-consuming and hard. If you leave it to your customers to do it themselves, just like a written review, they have to figure out what to talk about, and now on top of that, they have to figure out how to make the video look and sound good. It’s easier just to have a professional take care of it for you. And if you hire an in-person video crew, they will have to travel to each customer to shoot their video testimonials which will cost thousands of dollars per customer. We’ve found the best solution for our clients are video testimonials done remotely using their smartphone.

At Remote Video Testimonials, we make the process easy for your customers, and that’s because isn’t much either of you has to do. Remote Video Testimonials are interview-based, so your customer has nothing to prepare. All that is required is that they take 30-minutes to answer some questions and share some stories about their experience working with you. There is no lighting to set up, and when the interview is done, they can go back to their lives.

And because our process is done 100% remotely, it can be done whenever and wherever it is convenient for your customer. Today, we all have experience using Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, or having a FaceTime call on our smartphone. Our process is no different. We can interview your customer through their smartphone using our FREE mobile app. And they don’t have to be nervous about being on video because there is no in-person video crew with lights and a camera, just our interviewer who will make sure they are comfortable and have fun during the process.

remote video testimonials

5. Make video testimonials part of your terms

You won’t have to worry about asking your customers about a video testimonial later if you make it a part of the terms of your agreement from the beginning. Are you familiar with the word “quid pro quo”? It means something literally for something. Most likely, when agreeing on a few payment terms, there will be some negotiating requested by your customer. For example, they may want a small discount on your services or some flexibility in the payment terms. On the other hand, maybe they want to use a credit card, and you would prefer a check.

Video Testimonial Included In Contract

Well, this is the perfect opportunity for you to ask for a customer video testimonial in return for the accommodation you are providing the customer. I recommend that you include it in terms of your contract, so there is no dispute later. All parties understand that they will only be required to provide a video testimonial if they are happy with the services you provide.

6. Offer Incentives

I don’t believe in paying customers to provide a video testimonial. If you choose to pay a customer for a video testimonial, it is now a paid testimonial. By law, you have to disclose that your customer was compensated for speaking on behalf of the company. What I would recommend in that situation is you put the words “Paid Advertisement” on the video. You can learn more read What Rules Govern Testimonial Advertising?

By offering customer incentives, you increase their sense of obligation to fulfill the terms of the deal. Maybe it’s a discount on their next purchase or getting first access to a new product or service. Regardless, your customer feel that they are getting value from you in exchange for their time.


You might think that a video testimonial is out of reach, but that’s only if you don’t approach the process correctly. It isn’t as hard as you may think! Get your customers to agree to do a video testimonial. There is no better way to build connections and trust with your audience than with an engaging video directly from a customer. Getting your hands on great testimonials isn’t easy, but once you’ve got them, they can be some of the most valuable pieces of content you’ll have.

At Remote Video Testimonials, we have developed a fast, easy, and affordable way to get professional-quality customer video testimonials without the hassle or expense of an in-person video production crew. With our 100% remote video production process and our interview-based approach, our virtual video crew can shoot video testimonials anywhere in the country in just 30 minutes. If you would like to learn more about Remote Video Testimonials, please call (914) 677-2588 or email

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