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I am so grateful that you have given me and my team the opportunity to help you to grow your business through video storytelling. Authentic storytelling is what will help you connect with prospects and build trust faster. I want to show you two ways you can get even more from the videos you already have.

Make the MOST from your videos

First, if you have never read my blog, 8 Best Ways to Generate More Sales Using Video Testimonials, I encourage you check it out. It has a wealth of information you will find helpful.

For years, our primary focus has been on the 2-minute client video testimonial. We have seen how effective it is in building trust, and turning prospects into clients. It’s great at improving your close rate but what about getting you more leads?

Unfortunately, cold traffic is not going to watch a 2-minute video. If you are lucky, they may watch 10-15 seconds. So what can you do?

30-Second Teaser Video

We needed to create a short video that would catch the viewer’s attention within the first 5 seconds. So earlier this year we created the Teaser Video. This video is between 15 to 30 seconds in length and is edited in such a way as to capture the viewer’s attention from the very first frame.

But how do you get lots of people to see your video?  You can share it on your social media channels but if you want more leads, you need to leverage paid advertising. Most advertise on Facebook and Instagram ads, but you have video which means you can advertise on YouTube, the #2 search engine in the world.

Check out some Teaser Video examples below and keep reading if want to know how you can get these for FREE.

Kena Burke

Executive Director, Eye Care Center of Napa

Dino Lombardi

Patient, Integrity Chiropractic

Jacqueline Wales

Coach, Speaker, Author

Written Reviews

As much as video testimonials are the best, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t leverage written reviews as well. Let’s not forget that Google reviews are another effective way to build trust. One thing we started doing this year is taking the words from the video testimonial and turning it into powerful 150-word and 50-word written reviews.  Simply reach out to your client and ask them to cut and paste it as a Google review. Or use it on your website, social media, blogs, emails, and more. Here is an example of a written testimonials from a video testimonial.

150-Word Example

As CEO of Neon, San Francisco's neighborhood hub, I've been thoroughly impressed by TowerHouse Studios. They didn't just offer the most comprehensive proposal among multiple firms; their proactive approach in detailing software integrations was unparalleled. From the outset, TowerHouse committed to excellence, ensuring our digital solution wasn't just good, but perfect. This partnership has been transformative. Our customers rave about the ease of use and reliability of the product, which speaks volumes about TowerHouse's technical proficiency and attention to detail. Their responsiveness to our needs and quick resolution of any issues has been instrumental in enhancing customer satisfaction. The journey with TowerHouse goes beyond a single project; it's a dynamic, long-term collaboration. We've already seen a flourishing business and happy customers, thanks to their exceptional work. TowerHouse is more than a vendor; they are a pivotal partner in our ongoing success and expansion."

50-Word Example

As Neon's CEO, I commend TowerHouse Studios for their exceptional commitment and detailed work. Their responsive and comprehensive approach has transformed our digital engagement, leading to a thriving business with a user-friendly product. TowerHouse is an invaluable, long-term partner in our ongoing success. Teddy Kramer CEO, Neon

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If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call at (914) 393-1954.

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