Strategic Partner Program

Do you like winning?

How would you like to be a part of a WIN-WIN-WIN partnership? 

  • Your client wins because they are able to generate more sales in less time
  • You win with an additional revenue stream, new services to offer, and a client that loves you even more.
  • We win by helping more businesses be successful by leveraging video marketing.

My name is David Vogel, and I am the President of Remote Video Testimonials. We provide digital marketing agencies with a fast and easy way to get high-quality video content for their clients from anywhere in the world in just minutes.

Client Video Testimonials

Personal Profile Videos

Remote Video Production

Wait! I know what you are thinking.

I already have several video production companies I work with. I don’t need any more. And you are right. Keep using them. Our service is NOT a replacement; it is a compliment to the in-person video production they provide.

Let me ask you a question.

What do you do now when you need to shoot video in another city, state or country? Are you losing that work because of the travel expenses? Even worse, are you turning down the work? If you need to shoot video anywhere worldwide, we make it fast, easy, and affordable using our remote video services.

It all comes down to trust.

And nothing is more effective or builds trust faster than a customer video testimonial. It is that lack of trust right now that is having you question if this is a good idea. So hear of three of our clients sharing their experience working with us.

Want an edge over your competition?

To ensure your clients never leave you and go to the competition, you need an edge.  And that edge is conversions. You already know that video can enhance the conversion rate of every single one of the strategies you are currently offering your clients. And, it gives you the ability to offer additional services.

Let me earn your trust. For years we have worked directly with our clients but we have decided to partner with a select group of agencies. I believe so much in our services that I will provide our services to you at no charge. If you aren’t happy with the experience or the quality of our work, you’ve lost nothing. Just click the link below to learn how you can get your FREE video.