Simple content strategy

increases demand for SaaS solutions

Case studies aren’t enough. Sure they show the results you have gotten for your clients, but they need to hear it from your clients. What stands between you and the sale of your SaaS solution is trust. That is why they are asking to speak to your past clients. 

If you want to shorten your sales cycle and increase your sales conversions, having video content from your customers is key. Many of our clients are leveraging our remote video production services to get high-quality video testimonials. They are using them for their sales calls, for their website, for their social media, and much more.

Here are a few examples of videos creating without an in-person video crew, using nothing more than a smartphone. If you would like to learn more about our process and our services, complete the form below.

Customer Video Testimonial

Customer Video Testimonial

Customer Video Testimonial

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From Anywhere

Our video testimonial service is 100% remote so we can capture professional-quality video from anywhere in the US and abroad.

Easy For Your Clients

Great content comes from knowing the right questions to ask. With an interview-based approach, you get to control the narrative.

Best Storytelling

We all love a good story.  Content is edited into videos that engage, excite, and persuade the viewer to take action.

Takes 30 Minutes

Since there is no in-person video crew required, we can setup and interview a customer in 30-minutes or less.


Now, there is a better way

At Remote Video Testimonials we have developed a 100% remote video testimonial service to produce high-quality customer video testimonials that are interview-based and professionally edited from anywhere in the US. Now, instead of it taking weeks to plan and hours to shoot, it is possible to interview a customer in just 30 minutes. And instead of it costing thousands of dollars, it now costs hundreds of dollars.

Fast. Easy. Affordable

remote video testimonials

Your customers are your best salespeople. With 67% of the buying decisions happening online even before a customer speaks to you, utilizing video testimonials on your website, social media and in your emails builds trust right from the start of the buyer’s journey.

Video Testimonials Build Trust

Build Credibility & Trust

Video testimonials give prospects the ability to see actual clients share their experience using your services or products – giving your brand undeniable credibility. A happy customer is your company’s strongest salesperson and a video testimonial ensures that their satisfaction is leveraged to its full potential.

Build trust faster

Close More Deals Faster

People buy from those they know, like and trust. Existing customers can get to the heart of the real-world positives of your product, and your credibility, in a way you can never do yourself. Building trust faster leads to more deals you will close in less time.

One minute of video equals 1.8 million words

More Effective Messaging

Today, people prefer to watch a video over reading text. By using remote video production to capture customer video testimonials, you are providing more information in a way people prefer that delivers your message more effectively.