Topic Videos

Introducing Topic Videos, a new approach to getting the most from your customer video testimonials.

When someone is interviewed professionally in-person or remotely you can expect to have 10-30 minutes of video content. No one is ever going to watch that so it is typically edited down to around 90-seconds or less. That means that more than 80% of the content is never going to be seen by a prospect.

Thanks to Topic Videos, we are about to leverage up to 80% of the video content. That is because each response is its own video. So instead of getting one video for one interview you get 6 or even 8 videos from an interview.

This means a prospect can choose the video content that is most relevant to them increasing your chances that the video will help build trust and close the sale.

Video Testimonial Framework
  • Provides more interactive experience
  • Prospect can select what is important to them
  • Leverage 80% or more of footage