How do you shoot video during a pandemic? At the height of the pandemic in the United States, offices were forced to close and employees had to start working from home, It became nearly impossible for businesses to use in-person video production crews to shoot videos safely. Everyone was concerned about either giving someone or getting the Coronavirus from someone. So what options are there?

Many businesses are using video conferencing software to create certain types of videos. We were supposed to shoot a video deposition for a law firm and they decided to cancel the video shoot at the last minute because their client had health concerns and was advised not to leave her apartment. So instead of a video shoot, they recorded a Zoom video call instead.


Zoom for video conferencing

Software like Zoom, GoToMeeting or Google Hangouts is great for video conferencing but less ideal when you are looking to capture high-quality video content. The primary concerns because of issues with internet bandwidth are video compression artifacts, audio/video sync, and video freeze frames. When having a conference call, we are willing to accept these imperfections just like when we have a cellphone call and we lose the person for a few seconds. We are all less forgiving when we are watching recorded videos.

There is a better option. It is called Remote Video. It is a solution we developed which uses a smartphone, a mobile app and remote access to video production professionals. With our solution, internet bandwidth is no longer a concern because the video content is initially stored locally on the person’s phone. Following the video production, the footage is uploaded to the cloud. Later we download it to our servers, edit the video footage and then send the edited video to our client.


Remote Video Production gives businesses the ability to create high-quality video without hiring a video production crew.

Remote video is great for video testimonials, profile videos, educational videos, FAQ videos, how-to videos, video blogging and so much more.